Hair Cutting

I find the way to ensure great haircut is to find out what you as a client do to your hair at home.

Running through these simple steps in the consultation gives us information to design a look that you as a client can easily replicate.

While it is obvious to design our haircuts to be suitable for your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle, at StrugnellCOLE we strive to create a look that says something about a you without having to say anything at all. We do prefer to work with the hair’s natural texture in order to keep the integrity of the hair which is our number one priority. StrugnellCOLE stylists are confident with all hair types and will help to ensure you get the right look by giving an honest opinion on design and suitability.


Hair Colouring

We do not follow common patterns traditionally taught in hair colouring. Because every head of hair is different, we tailor a colour that is applied a little like makeup to contour certain areas of the face and to add dimension to the colour. Like a good haircut, a colour should bring out the best features with in an individual.

We do not use foil in the salon to highlight hair. Instead, we use a non-invasive highlighting technique called Shatush. Our aim is to create striking colours that complement the hair’s natural tones and are tailored to suit the individual, always respecting and maintaining the hair’s optimum condition.

Our medium is Colour ID. We choose this colour because of its ability to obtain the most natural high-gloss colour results. The product enhances optimum shine, is true to colour, has no ammonia or ppd. Each colour is preceded by an in-depth consultation in order to achieve the highest and most personal results.

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Organic Hair Colour

We are very conscious of creating sustainable solutions for you as a client. As a consequence, we offer mr and mrs organic henna hair colour which is a plant based method that has been practiced for thousands of years. We have created a non-destructive workflow when using henna which means the colour can be altered, contrary to popular beliefs. This organic approach is safe to use on all skin types and pregnant women.

As a salon policy, prior to colouring with henna, a complimentary consultation is compulsory in order to achieve realistic expectations as a henna consultation cannot be done over a phone. 

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Our Products

mr & mrs hair is a comprehensive range of products using the finest organic ingredients that condition the hair on a molecular level. mr and mrs hair uses science, nature and fashion to personalise each product to suit individual hair types.

As a salon we have designed a range of products that has a practical use to create specific looks in and outside the salon keeping product to date with current hair textures.

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