Leon Smith

Leon Smith hairdresser Port Melbourne

Leon smith have been in the hairdressing industry for the past 20 years and in this time he has worked at several high profile salons in Melbourne trained in New York ,London, Milan and other various parts of Europe.

Leon has worked as an ambassador for various product companies and hairdressing organisations which has seen him judge, educate and present work nationally and internationally

As an artist Leon is a trained photographer DJ  /music producer which has given him insight to a multi-faceted approach which he bring  to work in the salon being  conscious about making ones image visually salient.


‘In the salon I like to work hair that is suitable enhancing the individual’s sense of style and take a pragmatic approach to technique so that our clients look great with very little effort”.


Along with his wife Anuska, Leon is one of  the co-founders of mr & mrs hair products  which has given him an outlet to use his experience in hair science  to create a range of products that incorporates  image , design , nature and technology.

Anuska Smith

Anuska smith hair Salon Port Melbourne

Anuska Smith

For Anuska, colour is a way of life which has given her insight into adapting a unique approach in the representational aspect of using chromo therapy - in order to create an emotional response with her clients.

In her world as an artist, Anuska is also a classically trained singer and painter.

Anuska prefers to incorporate her approach as a painter in the application of colouring hair using unconventional tools, technique and organic material resulting in colour work that flows with the essence of life.

“As hair is an organic material I feel and colour the fabric in a way that will that will bring joy and emotion to one’s life. Everyone needs a little colour in their life whether it be analogous, harmonious or complimentary. Colour should bring out a feeling and represent you as a human”.

Anuska Smith has been in the industry for 17 years having trained around the globe. She has built a solid client base with clients travelling from around the world for her exclusive services.